Footwear DesignArt : *Tracey Neuls*

Design lovers may have heard of Eileen Gray… She was an Irish  architect and furniture designer, who was also a pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture… No doubt if new-wave designers have been broadly inspired by her approach and style, but there’s one in particular who’s been even compared to her. It’s Tracey Neuls  who – after graduating from Cordwainers College in London- has built a reputation for innovative yet idiosyncratic shoe making. With a string of awards under her belt (including New Generation, Design Week Benchmark, and Royal Society of Arts).

After launching her West London Marylebone first shop, she embarked on a second space Eastside. Just for the new opening she teamed up with London Illustration Collective LE GUN, largely known for their thought provocative graphic works.  The whole space turned into a narrative site-specific installation curated by LE GUN.  Read this to better enter Tracey Neuls + LE GUN world, and look at the slideshow below to get an overview on such a fashionable designart shoes collection:

“Its of the trout tickling, dada loving, jazz pirate George Melly at a parade inspired by James Ensor’s painting ‘Entry of Christ’ into Brussels. The LE GUN version is: The entry of Marvin Gaye into Brussels… Marvin Gaye is riding into town on a donkey. He spent a lot of time in Belgium trying to get off crack. We have done a series of drawings based around the contents of a suitcase we found in the basement of a masonic cobblers in Hackney, which we believe belonged to the late George Melly. The drawing reflects our affection for the often overlooked cultural suburb of Belgium. We like the idea of a young Belgian surrealist wearing our Tracey Neuls shoes while becoming slowly intoxicated at A La Mort Subite…”

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  1. Cutest shoes ever! Love the design.

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