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Fiber Art : *Silvia Beccaria*

Silvia Beccaria is not new on DOY, but it’s always a great pleasure to show her amazing history-charming works.  She’s indeed one of the few contemporary fiber artists really to watch, who’s been able to enrich an old tradition using unconventional materials and innovative designs.

She realizes sculptural wearables, jewels and sometimes even arras, but her core collection is definitely represented by Ruffs.  Yes, Ruffs or Spanish Collars, if you prefer, all accurately designed according to XVI/XVII centuries standards, and now turned fashionable again thanks to her talent.

After graduating from Turin University – Italy – with a degree in Philosophy, she moved on with a Master in Art Therapy, then interning at Martha Nieuwenhuijs‘s studio she started her Fiber Art research. She now creates rubber, textile, plastic or metal Ruffs, often showing her works through art galleries and institutions internationally. In about 20 years’s activity, she’s been broadly acclaimed as one of the few professional living Fiber artists for her unique style and research.

Find out more about her last works in the slideshow below:

Credits: Fashion Photographer *Alessia Micheletti *   Make up artist: *Francesca Maffi*
for the still-life pics: *Mariano Dallago*

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Wearable Art: *Martacarmela Sotelo*

Imagine an architect who loves creating colorful knitted, fiber and silver structures easily turning into wearable artworks to light up fashionable outfits…

This is Martacarmela Sotelo, a Mexican design-artist who  – after studying architecture at Iberoamericana University in México and graduating with an MA at Central Saint Martins Collage of Art and Design in London –  launched her collections of Knitted Gems – tricot style pearls – and Portable Linesa series of textile jewellery made up with old t-shirts’s scraps then wrapped and ready to be worn again, but in a different form.

Her last line Geometries  explores the potential of geometrical shapes (..) The pieces are made of silver, blackened silver and/or gold guilded rex, as well as inox steel wire with nylon (…) hanging from cotton hand torched thread.

Enjoy a selection of her Knitted Gems in the slideshow below, and for the Spanish speaking followers Today there’s also a video:

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Fashion Design: *Rita Nazareno*

Is the bag of your dreams inspired to Donald Judd’s artworks? Or maybe you would feel more comfortable wearing a clutch recalling Frank Gehry’s architectures or Anish Kapoor’s  site -specific installations?

Luckily, creative world has no boundaries and a talented designer like Rita Nazareno – a graduate from London College of Fashion – has recently launched a collection of bags inspired to contemporary art, design and architecture. All following her long family tradition started  by her grandparents in the Philippines in 1925 through the needleworking of embroidery piña – pineapple fibre –  and then turned into S. C. Vizcarra luxury brand.

Local traditions mixed up with solid culture, skills and passion can shape a timeless style, and that’s the case of these fashionable  handbags, still proudly hand-woven by philippine artisans.

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Fashion Art: *Sandra Backlund*

Sculpural dresses, knitted or not, sometimes just made up with unconventional materials or assembled like ready-mades,  but all taking shape on a woman’s body just like clay. This is Sandra Backlund‘s style, a Swedish fashion artist and designer  and her unique way to mix up art and fashion.

Look at the slideshow to unveil her past and new collections

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Fiber Art *Silvia Beccaria*

Have you ever heard of Fiber Art?

Wikipedia would give the following definition: “It’s a style of fine art which mainly uses textiles (fabric, yarn, natural and synthetic fibers). It focuses on the materials and on the manual labour involved as part of its significance…”

Well, more or less… Just keep in mind that Fiber Art is not just tapestries, as many Fiber Art creations are intended to be put on…YOU!

Look at the  following slideshow and video about Silvia Beccaria‘s works  She’s an Italian Fiber Artist,  Turin based, and she will surprise you:

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