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For those who missed FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2012 – the international and interdisciplinary fashion platform for young talents – just scroll down this post for a selection of images spotted over June 8-10 , when the Dutch city of Maastricht turned into one of the most fashionable districts in Europe.

Celebrating the 4th edition, FASHIONCLASH foundation reconfirmed the original purpose:

(…) to create a ‘clash’ with ‘fashion’ as a starting point. By organising fashion projects FASHIONCLASH aims to create a platform where ‘young’ designers/artists can present their work to a diverse international audience. FASHIONCLASH shows fashion in the widest sense of the word. A broad range of disciplines that link to fashion, like photography, fine arts, illustration, video, textile and product design are invited to take part in the projects.
Photo Credits:  PETER STIGTER

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Feel the creative vibes of FAFHIONCLASH 2012 also watching the video below:

Video Credits: PETER STIGTER Team


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News: *Treasure*

…Mid June in London? It’s Jewellery’s time!

Save the date: 14-17 June 2012 Treasure – London’s visionary Jewellery Show – is back with a selection of the very best jewellery design the UK and Europe have to offer.

Visit the Exhibitors‘s page and find out more about the talents on show: you’ll come across with some of  DOY’s recurring tags:  Stefania Lucchetta , Manuganda ,  Linnie Mclarty , Yoko Izawa, Ute Decker and many others.

 get the map here

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Wearable Art : *Delphine Perrot*

A multitasking creative design-artist with an international background in art direction & graphic arts, who recently launched her own line of Fashion Illustration. This (and much more) is Delphine Perrot, a London based French artist who’s been able in the years to feed her graphic universe with her passion for typography and poetry.

Quite a challenging research, also supported by extensive worldwide traveling and the creation of beautiful, intricate sketchbooks capturing the memories, encounters, and inspirations of her journeys… layered with whimsical drawings, mementos, and plant cuttings, creating an intimate visual narrative of her adventures…

All the sketchbooks, created in her year-long tour around the world, started on Feb. 2011 with a one-way tickect to Polynesia, will be on show during her upcoming London exhibition at Notting Hill Arts Club 

June 13th – July 30th   21, Notting Hill Gate  W11 3JQ  London

…But let’s unveil first part of her  Fashion Illustration works, inspired by floral patterns, old divas and movie icons. Her designs perfectly match DOY‘s way, just reminding that: every Day Of the Year you can put some Design On You (yes, absolutely, phone + laptop skins included!):

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Fashion Design: *Marly van Lipzig*

Today DOY tells you about a DIY project created by Dutch designer Mary van Lipzig – a graduate from Design Academy of Eindhoven – who decided to launch her pattern-based line fusing prints and fashion.

My interest in prints started growing when I designed a print for the collection of Hussein Chalayan, while interning there for 8 months. Another work experience at the print and textile development department of Jonathan Saunders confirmed that this was my field of specialization, says Marly.

Being fashinated by turning 2D prints into 3D shapes,  she found a way to design a 3D print where the pattern is part of the print and the print is part of the pattern, just in order to become one.

Sounds interesting, but let’s find out more….

Each print is built up by photographs and has a blue print (patterns) for two, sometimes three different garments to choose from. A personal favorite can be picked to cut out and wear… But how?

The graphics on the flat piece of fabric, guide you. By following the cutting lines, (highlighted by different colors), the chosen garment can be cut out, then only a few points need to be connected (by buttons – attached by hand) and the garment is ready to wear.

 The “Do-It-Yourself-kit” comes with the packaging, the printed fabric, a scissor, a needle &threat and a few buttons. It’s up to you which line to choose, and then cut,  fold and  wear! Ready to go for it?

Mary van Lipzig‘s collection will be on show during Fashionclash 2012 next June

Photo Credits: Photography: *Bas van den Boom* Hair and Make-up: *Lisette van Lipzig* Model: *Yvette Serton @ cachetmodels*

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Fashion Design: *Michiel Cornelissen*

We’re all more and more concerned on how saving money, and a good tip comes straight from the Netherlands from Michiel Cornelissen design studio with his new project E 5.55 necklace.

It’s a 3d-printing and 111 five-eurocent coins necklace that thanks to intricate geometries and flexible material makes the best of each 5 cent coin turning all of them in little industrial gems.

You can leave all the coins set in the structure for months and enjoy them oxidize and get darker, or have fun washing them from time to time and let them shine around your neck…

I’m always intrigued by the beauty of some of the things we take for granted, says the designer.

Well, maybe it’s a good New Year’s intention that of giving things the right value…just starting from little coins and ending up to fashion design… By the way, Happy New Year!

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Wearable Art: *Daniel Buren*

French artist Daniel Buren, best known for his stripes often integrating in site specific visual and architectural spaces, is the name chosen to sign Hermès  new limited edition carres, currently on show at Villa Panza – one of the amazing FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano‘s  properties.

If Hermès  is not new at wearable art projects, FAI  has always welcome crossing-arts projects. What a perfect partership then for a challenging new exhibition  mixing fashion, photography and contemporary art.

A selection of silk printed photo shootings  by Daniel Buren, featuring Southern Italy landscapes and corners – from Mediterranean glimpses to baroque domes – all dating back to the 50’s,  framed by vertical stripes are the pattern of 365 one-off  new Hermès carres.

Among these, 24 are now the core of the exhibition: Photos – Souvenirs au carré Daniel Buren – including also one artist video interview and 39 b/w photos –  at Villa Panza’s former mews in Varese.

 Villa Panza, Varese, Italy Oct. 21st – Dec. 28th 2011

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Wearable Art : *Yves Tanguy*


The Peggy Guggenheim Collection recently acquired a pair of earrings created by Yves Tanguy for Peggy Guggenheim. The earrings play a symbolic role in the history of the collection, as Peggy wore one of the pair and one earring by Alexander Calder to the 1942 opening of her museum-gallery, Art of This Century, in New York, in order to show her impartiality between Surrealist and abstract art. The museum was able to purchase the earrings with funds raised by the Friends of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and has recently begun fundraising to acquire the earrings by Calder.

Quoting Peggy:

“I wore one of my Tanguy earrings and one made by Calder, in order to show my impartiality between Surrealist and Abstract Art” 

Peggy Guggenheim

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