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Eyewear Design: *W/SÜN*

Summer is here, so let’s zoom again on WFTS – Waiting For The Sun – the French sunglasses brand, which is actually an innovative concept of contemporary eyewear design. Three friends teamed up in 2007 and launched a line of wooden sunglasses, conceived to impact on the price tag at no more than €150! …Not bad at all, considering that WFTS‘s models are entirely handmade, framing Carl Zeiss quality lens.

Read DOY’s older post here  to know more about such a vintage charming brand, fusing the Californian summery appeal with the sophisticate Paris style, and give a look to the slideshow below to unveil part of the S/S 2012 collection:

Each pair of glasses comes in a recycled cardboard packaging and wrapped in a limited edition foulard, exclusively signed by a contemporary artist.

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Wearable Art: *Martacarmela Sotelo*

Imagine an architect who loves creating colorful knitted, fiber and silver structures easily turning into wearable artworks to light up fashionable outfits…

This is Martacarmela Sotelo, a Mexican design-artist who  – after studying architecture at Iberoamericana University in México and graduating with an MA at Central Saint Martins Collage of Art and Design in London –  launched her collections of Knitted Gems – tricot style pearls – and Portable Linesa series of textile jewellery made up with old t-shirts’s scraps then wrapped and ready to be worn again, but in a different form.

Her last line Geometries  explores the potential of geometrical shapes (..) The pieces are made of silver, blackened silver and/or gold guilded rex, as well as inox steel wire with nylon (…) hanging from cotton hand torched thread.

Enjoy a selection of her Knitted Gems in the slideshow below, and for the Spanish speaking followers Today there’s also a video:

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Fashion Design: *Alexa Lixfeld*

Currently exhibiting at Maison&Objet fair in Paris, Alexa Lixfeld is a Hamburg-based German designer who sometimes loves mixing her design knowledge with fashion. Afterall, she used to be a model herself before graduating at Design Academy of Eindhoven in the Netherlands…

Now she runs a studio where all the production is non-industrial, non-standard, non-exploitative.

Her Spring 2012 collection includes the Cashmere blankets and shawls “manufactured from 100% finest Cashmere, hand woven and individually dyed. As a result, each piece has its own, unique pattern”.

Every single piece of the collection is  individually crafted  in Nepal and – last but not least- thanks to a cruelty free process:  no animals are  harmed  throughout the whole production.

Photo credits: Misha Vetter

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Fashion Design: *Oncepeople*

Ethnic inspiration for a new collection of handcrafted clothes made in Albania, revisiting traditional balkanian knitting with a touch of ready-to-wear trendy knitwear.

It’s Lule a line recently launched by Oncepeople,  brand of “mode éthique”  started in 2011 by French photographer Aurélie Veyron with the intention of encouraging cross-cultural fashion, fusing retro glamour with the requirements of contemporary lifestyle.

That’s to say: if wearables have a  sustainable heart, style turns into a more conscious way of contemporary living…

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Jewels Design: *Alice Visin*

Paper waxed handmade Pearls.

That’s the secret of Alice Visin‘s style – a Milan based designer – who has made of her eco-friendly heart and her passion for one-off creations the core of Silenzio Stampa, her self-started line of wearables .

But there’s also a secret recipe hiding behind each of her pearls: they’re all accurately shaped one by one only upcycling wasted paper and then re-born to a second life straight to her stylish retro-trendy world. Let’s just say that wax is one of the main ingredients…

Alice Visin is more than Jewels… DOY will unveil all her different designs just one at the time: stay tuned!

Photo credits: Matteo Girola

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