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News: *Treasure*

…Mid June in London? It’s Jewellery’s time!

Save the date: 14-17 June 2012 Treasure – London’s visionary Jewellery Show – is back with a selection of the very best jewellery design the UK and Europe have to offer.

Visit the Exhibitors‘s page and find out more about the talents on show: you’ll come across with some of  DOY’s recurring tags:  Stefania Lucchetta , Manuganda ,  Linnie Mclarty , Yoko Izawa, Ute Decker and many others.

 get the map here


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Fashion Design: *Alexa Lixfeld*

Currently exhibiting at Maison&Objet fair in Paris, Alexa Lixfeld is a Hamburg-based German designer who sometimes loves mixing her design knowledge with fashion. Afterall, she used to be a model herself before graduating at Design Academy of Eindhoven in the Netherlands…

Now she runs a studio where all the production is non-industrial, non-standard, non-exploitative.

Her Spring 2012 collection includes the Cashmere blankets and shawls “manufactured from 100% finest Cashmere, hand woven and individually dyed. As a result, each piece has its own, unique pattern”.

Every single piece of the collection is  individually crafted  in Nepal and – last but not least- thanks to a cruelty free process:  no animals are  harmed  throughout the whole production.

Photo credits: Misha Vetter

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DesignArt: *Linnie Mclarty*

When you come to Jewellery Design with a strong background in Fine Arts, the result is usually amazing…! And that’s the case of Linnie Mclarty http://www.linniemclarty.com  – a UK based designartist – who, besides creating sculptural wearables,  works ethically and responsibly.

“She’s one of the first licensees of certified fair-trade, ecological gold, from which 15% of the bullion price is guaranteed to go towards ensuring a fair wage for the miners as well as funding the development of schools, healthcare, fresh water and mid-wives in the mining dependant villages. No chemicals are used in the extraction of the ore, and no child-labour is involved”

Her new works will be on show at London Jewellery Week, the UK’s biggest and brightest jewellery festival opening  just Today!

http://www.londonjewelleryweek.co.uk/   6-12 June 2011

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Fairs & Exhibitions: *Eunique 2011*

Nora Rochel www.nora-rochel.de  is already a name that sounds a bit familiar to DOY’s followers. She is a German jewels & porcelain designer, who has recentely decided to go 100% ethic supporting fairtrade gold and silver: *…Since April 2011, I have been using fair-trade gold and silver from www.ecoandina.org and gemstones of www.brazilgems.de.  From now on, all new pieces will be made out of fair-trade materials*

Her new creations will be on show at Eunique Arts and Craft Fair  that – with more than 350 exhibitors – is Germany’s largest trade fair for applied arts & design, and represents a superb response to the growing general interest in exceptional products, unique design and small-scale hand-made product series.

www.eunique.eu  Karlsruhe – Germany –  May 26th – 29th 2011

Watch  2010 Eunique edition’s video-teaser just to get an idea on the show:

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Fashion Design: *Slow Fashion*

Today DOY wants to focus on sustainable thinking…. By the way, have you ever heard of SLOW FASHION?

Yes, Slow Fashion: It’s basically the attitude to move the fashion industry and the fashion design world towards sustainability & ethics.

Here follow some websites and 2 videos: one shooted for the last Climate Week – featuring British model Lily Cole in India, and the other showing Eco Fashion Companies that play fair. Both can tell you more…


ejfoundation.org    http://slowfashionforward.tumblr.com/

http://www.abitipuliti.org/      http://www.cleanclothes.org/    http://www.ecochicfashions.com/   http://www.ethicalfashionforum.com/


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Wearable Art: *UTE DECKER*

Have you ever considered the ethical side that may hide behind Jewellery?

Ute Decker http://www.utedecker.com/ a London based German born designartist – named one of Britain’s most inspirational designers of the year – thinks “green and fair”.

Infact, she has made of fairtrade and fairmine the core of her artistic research. Her wearable sculptures do have a heart of gold, as she strives to apply the most sustainable studio practices: fairtrade gold, 100% recycled silver, recycled packaging materials, and substituting traditional toxic resins with bio-resins derived from sunflowers.

Her “architectural jewels” will be on show at the Ethical Jewellery Pavilion during London Jewellery Week , June 6-12  http://www.londonjewelleryweek.co.uk/

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