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Fashion Design : *LU FLUX*

This is a story of Fashion & Playfulness, based on pure British eccentricity mixed up with contemporary design and traditional techniques… Sounds interesting?

…Once upon a time on the Isle of Wight lived a girl who wanted to design ethic, colorful and timeless clothes, so she moved up to Edinburgh to study Fashion at the Edinburgh College of Art, winning the Ocean Terminal Scottish Fashion Graduate Award with her final collection.  Then she went on to work as a design assistant to Bernhard Willhelm in Paris, before starting her own label in the UK .

Now she’s getting more and more popular as LU FLUX, living and working in London – where she sources all her materials – though now expanding further internationally.

What makes her style so special?  Here’s the answer: Her designs can be seen in the complex pleating, knitting and antiquated patchworking. These techniques are honoured and employed to produce luxurious garments that celebrate the romance of the rare ‘one-off’.

Let’s give a look to A-LU-HA her SS 2012 collection, unveiled in the slideshow and video below:

Credits: *Models Georgie & Joey Carr* Photographer Damian Ucieda Cortes* Assisted by Emma Crichton & Neil O’Driscoll * Make Up Sonia Bhogal* Assisted by Mao Kamiji* Hair Mitsu Enokida* Assisted by Misaki Nakamura* Stylist Cesca Dvorak* Assistance Amy Wright, Chloe Forestier-Walker, Katie Earley, Lucy Strawson, Ramona Kohldorfer & Stacey Bevan*

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SS12 A-Lu-Ha directed by Neil O’Driscoll

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Fashion Design: *Rita Nazareno*

Is the bag of your dreams inspired to Donald Judd’s artworks? Or maybe you would feel more comfortable wearing a clutch recalling Frank Gehry’s architectures or Anish Kapoor’s  site -specific installations?

Luckily, creative world has no boundaries and a talented designer like Rita Nazareno – a graduate from London College of Fashion – has recently launched a collection of bags inspired to contemporary art, design and architecture. All following her long family tradition started  by her grandparents in the Philippines in 1925 through the needleworking of embroidery piña – pineapple fibre –  and then turned into S. C. Vizcarra luxury brand.

Local traditions mixed up with solid culture, skills and passion can shape a timeless style, and that’s the case of these fashionable  handbags, still proudly hand-woven by philippine artisans.

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Fashion Design: *Fabbrica di Giuggiole*

Fabbrica di Giuggiole – a handcraft wearables showroom in Rome, Italy – is not new on DOY…But today we want to focus just on their trendy, unconventional and easy-to-wear bags, you may add straight to your own fashion design wish list… So, ready to give a quick look to Portapollice (literally “Thumb-Carrying bag”)  and Lingua (“Tongue”) ?

The first one is an ergonomic, comfortable and clever designed bag on which you can easily hang also your thumb finger, while the other is a revamped edition of  a retro-inspired cult hand/shoulder bag, you’ll definitely love!

Enjoy both of them in the slideshow below, and stay tuned: we’ll get to know more about their new SS2012 Collection really soon…

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Fashion Design: *Rosa Clandestino*

A rose is a rose…

…Yes, “Rosa”:  What else to express the inner beauty of  a women’s fashion design brand started in Europe? And “Clandestino” just to remind my Latin American roots, says Silvia Argüello, the designer and the founder of Rosa Clandestino.

Retro inspired handmade dresses and accessories, though revisited according to most fashionable trends, with a keen eye on precious details, borders and fabrics all blooming in a true cross- cultural and almost timeless style.

Look at the slideshow below to find out more about Rosa Clandestino‘s Cuba Libre SS2012 Collection, and get ready to enter an eclectic, neo-romantic and evocative world.

…But what if Rosa Clandestino‘s Collections mix with Contemporary Art?

Imagine  trench coats unveling silk-printed facings signed by new generation Contemporary Artists… Well, it’s already real. Craig Kucia and Alessandra Baldoni – also signing the new lookbook – are two of the names already editing the hidden side of Rosa Clandestino‘s wearable art lines.

Just stay tuned: we’ll show you more shortly!

Photo credits: Alessandra Baldoni

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Fashion Design: *Oncepeople*

Ethnic inspiration for a new collection of handcrafted clothes made in Albania, revisiting traditional balkanian knitting with a touch of ready-to-wear trendy knitwear.

It’s Lule a line recently launched by Oncepeople,  brand of “mode éthique”  started in 2011 by French photographer Aurélie Veyron with the intention of encouraging cross-cultural fashion, fusing retro glamour with the requirements of contemporary lifestyle.

That’s to say: if wearables have a  sustainable heart, style turns into a more conscious way of contemporary living…

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Fashion Crafts: *Aude Tahon*

Ancient craft techniques can turn amazingly trendy.

Aude Tahon  a Paris based fashion and textile designer with a strong passion for knots, crochet and handcrafts shows how traditional Korean Maedup – kind of knotting skill – can be part of contemporary style.

Accessories, jewels, and body adornments take shape in her hands playing with the light and shadows of patterns and empty spaces.

Timeless textile architecture with an unquestioned  romantic touch.

Photo Credits:  Hortense Vinet

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Fashion Crafts: *Eleanor Bolton*

Innovative use of materials and simple techniques to create something unsual and unexpected, but  extremely fashionable.

This is the secret of Eleanor Bolton‘s Jewels http://www.eleanorbolton.com/ – a British London based designer, who developed her own craft technique,  coiling and hand stitching cotton rope, to create large-scale lightweight tactile structures.  Handcrafted wearable shapes to explore some of the possible evolutions of contemporary fashion design.

“Through working intuitively, the material provides the information and inspiration for the growing forms, which evolve through a sensitivity to the micro details of the making process as well as to the precise scale of the pieces”

Look at the slideshow below to see a selection of her past & new collections:

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