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Fashion Design : *LU FLUX*

This is a story of Fashion & Playfulness, based on pure British eccentricity mixed up with contemporary design and traditional techniques… Sounds interesting?

…Once upon a time on the Isle of Wight lived a girl who wanted to design ethic, colorful and timeless clothes, so she moved up to Edinburgh to study Fashion at the Edinburgh College of Art, winning the Ocean Terminal Scottish Fashion Graduate Award with her final collection.  Then she went on to work as a design assistant to Bernhard Willhelm in Paris, before starting her own label in the UK .

Now she’s getting more and more popular as LU FLUX, living and working in London – where she sources all her materials – though now expanding further internationally.

What makes her style so special?  Here’s the answer: Her designs can be seen in the complex pleating, knitting and antiquated patchworking. These techniques are honoured and employed to produce luxurious garments that celebrate the romance of the rare ‘one-off’.

Let’s give a look to A-LU-HA her SS 2012 collection, unveiled in the slideshow and video below:

Credits: *Models Georgie & Joey Carr* Photographer Damian Ucieda Cortes* Assisted by Emma Crichton & Neil O’Driscoll * Make Up Sonia Bhogal* Assisted by Mao Kamiji* Hair Mitsu Enokida* Assisted by Misaki Nakamura* Stylist Cesca Dvorak* Assistance Amy Wright, Chloe Forestier-Walker, Katie Earley, Lucy Strawson, Ramona Kohldorfer & Stacey Bevan*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SS12 A-Lu-Ha directed by Neil O’Driscoll

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Fashion Design: *Ida Sjöstedt*

Do you love “beautiful, sexy clothes, but you don’t take dressing up too seriously, looking at fashion as something fun rather than as a must”?

In this case Ida Sjöstedt http://www.idasjostedt.com/ is the designer of your dreams!

Just let her tell you something about her way of making fashion:

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Fashion DesignArt: *Alison Willoughby*

There’s a girl in London called Alison Willoughby, that has made her name in the Fashion DesignArt world as a skirtgirl…

She doesn’t just design and make skirts, but she also uses each skirt’s surface as a canvas of a painting to create trendy and fashionable artworks to wear… Amazing!  http://www.alisonwilloughby.com/

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